Risk of Noninfectious Uveitis after Coronavirus Disease 2019 Vaccination in a United States Claims Database


Tags Uveitis
Journal Ophthalmology
Status 審查完成
校稿者 蕭靜熹 醫師

Ophthalmology Volume 130, Number 12, December 2023


本研究旨在評估COVID-19疫苗接種後非感染性葡萄膜炎(noninfectious uveitis, NIU )的風險。研究使用美國的診療索賠數據庫,將COVID-19疫苗接種組與2018年和2019年入院的COVID-19未接種組進行配對。研究使用Cox比例風險模型計算危險比(Hazard ration, HR),在SCCS設計中使用條件泊松回歸模型計算接種風險期和未接種對照期內的NIU發病率比(incidence rate ratios, IRR)。研究結果顯示,5至44歲年齡組中NIU風險增加(IRR 1.40; 95% CI 1.04-1.87; P = 0.024)。總體上未發現COVID-19疫苗接種後NIU風險增加的證據,提供了關於疫苗安全性的保證。儘管三種疫苗的效力都很高,安全性良好,但有報告稱疫苗接種後出現非感染性葡萄膜炎(NIU),這引發了關於疫苗是否增加葡萄膜炎風險的疑問。研究結果強調了年輕人可能在接種疫苗後面臨NIU的風險增加,並提出了不同機制解釋NIU的發生。

English Abstract

The study aimed to assess the risk of noninfectious uveitis (NIU) after COVID-19 vaccination. The researchers analyzed data from a United States claims database and compared a COVID-vaccinated group to a historical cohort. They calculated hazard ratios (HRs) and incidence rate ratios (IRRs) to determine the risk of NIU. The analysis did not detect an increased overall risk of NIU after COVID-19 vaccination in individuals without a history of uveitis. However, there was an increased risk in the subgroup aged 5 to 44 years. The study provides reassurance about the safety of COVID-19 vaccines regarding NIU risk.This content is a collection of several articles related to various topics.