Ophthalmic Technology Assessment: Use of Mitomycin C in Dacryocystorhinostomy


Tags Plasty
Journal Ophthalmology
Status 審查完成
校稿者 蕭靜熹 醫師

Ophthalmology Volume 130, Number 11, November 2023


本研究評估mitomycin C(MMC)對於成人原發性獲得性鼻淚管阻塞(primary acquired nasolacrimal duct obstruction)的外科手術結果的影響。該研究使用包括external, endoscopic endonasal, or diode laser-assisted transcanalicular DCR等手術方式,並討論了醫用MMC對於手術結果的影響。結果顯示,MMC使用能使鼻咽喉出血風險降低,可減少顆粒組織(granulation tissue)生成和術后鼻部清除(nasal devridements)的次數。然而,這不一定能轉化為功能性的成功。雖然一些研究指出MMC有助於改善手術成功率,但也有相反的研究顯示MMC對於手術結果並無統計學上的改善。因此,MMC在手術操作中是否能有效提高功能與解剖手術結果,仍需進一步深入研究。

English Abstract

The content discusses the use of Mitomycin C (MMC) in various types of dacryocystorhinostomy (DCR) surgeries for primary acquired nasolacrimal duct obstruction (NLDO). The inclusion criteria required controlled studies on the effect of MMC on outcomes of external, endoscopic endonasal, or diode laser-assisted transcanalicular DCR in adults with a minimum 6-month follow-up and at least 10 participants. The use of MMC did not improve outcomes statistically in diode laser-assisted transcanalicular DCR studies. However, MMC use did result in a larger ostium size, decreased granulation tissue formation, and a decreased number of postoperative nasal debridements compared with controls but this did not translate into improved functional success.