Evaluation of the Consistency of Glaucomatous Visual Field Defects Using a Clustered SITA-Faster Protocol


Tags Glaucoma
Journal Ophthalmology
Status 審查完成
校稿者 蕭靜熹 醫師

Ophthalmology Volume 130, Number 11, November 2023


這篇文章是關於使用前載(frontloading) SITA-Faster (SFR)視野測試來評估青光眼的病變。作者通過進行2次測試以及使用集群測量策略,借助24-2 SITA-Faster (SFR)範式測試協議,以確定前載SFR每眼進行2次測試是否提供了任何附加有用的數據。文章發現,前載SFR測試可以提供重複的全局和點對點數據,並在持續時間和可靠性方面與單次SS測試相當。該方法可能有助於增加測試頻率/數量,以滿足青光眼進展分析的建議準則。然而,文章也提到前載SFR測試的良好可靠性與不同的節點數據之間的一些差異,並強調了在使用前載SFR進行測試時,可能需要更多的基準測試來區分重複和非重複的節點缺陷。作者認為,前載SFR測試可能有助於確定視野缺陷的一致性,並且在進行測試時不會出現性能下降的情況。

English Abstract

The study investigated the feasibility of frontloading SITA-Faster (SFR) visual field tests by performing two tests per eye on the same visit in glaucoma clinics. The frontloading SFR tests provided repeatable data for evaluating consistency of pattern deviation defects in glaucoma, with no decline in performance from test fatigue, and at an equivalent duration and reliability as a single test. The study suggested that frontloading SFR may help increase testing frequency to meet recommended progression analysis guidelines. The analysis also highlighted the importance of addressing inherent fluctuations in threshold estimates between visual field (VF) tests and the potential for increasing the amount and quality of available perimetric data for interpretation within the resource constraints of eye clinics. The study found that the frontloaded SFR tests provided repeatable data that reversed a defect found in standard automated perimetry in some locations and identified new repeatable defects in others. This suggests that frontloading SFR tests can be used to distinguish between repeatable and nonrepeatable defects in glaucoma.