Bibliometric Analysis of Ophthalmic Journals


Journal JAMA Ophthalmology
Status 審查完成
校稿者 蕭靜熹 醫師

JAMA Ophthalmology Published online June 1, 2023


這項研究利用Scopus database識別眼科期刊,共納入335個期刊,發表了471,184篇文章。分析主要關注引用度指標,特別是h-index,它結合了引用次數和出版物數量來衡量每個類別。



總的來說,該研究提供了有關眼科研究領域的見解,並突出了各方在推進視覺科學(vision science)和眼科護理(eye care)方面所做出的重要貢獻。

English Abstract

The study utilized the Scopus database to identify ophthalmic journal titles and included 335 journals that had published a total of 471,184 articles. The analysis focused on citation metrics, particularly the h-index, which provides a combined measure of citations and publications for each category.

The h-index for ophthalmic journal articles was determined to be 494, suggesting a strong research base in the field of ophthalmology. The study identified the most highly cited articles ( Quigley and Broman, 2006 , concerning the epidemiology of glaucoma) , leading journals (Ophthalmology), authors (Ronald Klein, MD), institutions(Johns Hopkins University), and countries (USA) in the ophthalmic literature. This information can serve as a guide for clinicians, scientists, and institutions regarding their contributions to the field.

The analysis excluded ophthalmology articles published in general medical journals and non-English language journals. The study also noted the limitations of bibliometric analyses in capturing the entire ophthalmic literature, as some ophthalmic research may be published in nonophthalmic journals.

Overall, the study provides insights into the ophthalmic research landscape and highlights the significant contributions made by various entities in advancing vision science and eye care.